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[arin-discuss] Dean -vs- ARIN... again (Re: The joy of SWIPping)

I didn't realize that this list was for drama seekers.  I am a relatively new member of ARIN and I am quite surpised that this thread has turned into "he said, she said".  What about the original topic?

Your statements have not made any significant progress towards resolving the issue at hand in a constructive manner.  Instead what you have done is try to oppress anyone that might have a contribution.  There have been several key public figures in history that have done the same thing but I dare not mention them here.

For the most part, all it has done is spammed everyone with vast amounts of information that is completely off topic.  Go ahead and respond to this email with something sarcastic if you like, but the point I want to make is that it will get you no further along than you are right now.  If you want to be the kind of person that grabs attention with seemingly witty remarks, but has no real value or contribution then go ahead and respond with another series of negative personal attacks.  I will not respond to them. 

Arguments are great when they are constructive and something of value can be taken away from them.  From the recent gripes and jabs I have learned nothing.

My whole reason for responding is to perhaps make you see that not everyone wants to hear your personal drama or problems with each other.  If you don't like each other, why does everyone else need to know about it?  They don't and neither do I.  Let's get back to discussing the issue.

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> Generally, people who continue to associate with questionable 
> and ruthless people will become disreputable by association. 
> Even if they were honest to begin with, they are placed in 
> compromising situations by their association and 
> participation with the unscrupulous.  Rudolf Gulliani and 
> Bernard Kerik come to mind as recent examples.


  Dean's typical MO is to argue logically to any thread - until about
the 6th or 7th post.  Then without warning he gathers together all of
his logical arguments and creates a Rube Goldberg construction of 
rediculous and incredible proportions.

  A typical Dean argument goes something like this:

Earth has a large atmosphere

Atmosphere is a gas composed mostly of oxygen and nitrogen

In the presense of lightning oxygen turns into Ozone

Ozone is poisonous to life.

There's lightning that happens every day somewhere in the Earth's atmosphere

The Earth's atmosphere is poisonous.

In other words, reading a Dean thread is something like riding a
train that suddenly derails without warning.  Everything seems
fine until abruptly your wondering "where the hell did that come from"

People who attack Dean usually make the mistake of attacking one of
his logical arguments that is built up to the heroic construction.  Thus
they cannot win because those arguments by themselves are solid, and Dean
will spend days arguing with them.

You can only argue effectively with Dean by challenging his Rube
Goldberg construction.  If you do he will then ignore you.  That
proves that you have won.

Dean has repeatedly stated "I'm going to sue ARIN" in so many words.
Whenever someone argues with him about the logicalness of doing this
he valiantly flails away.

Whenever someone says "OK Dean, if you feel that way then please sue them"
as I have done repeatedly, he falls silent.

That is what you need to do.  Focus on his conclusions, not his
supporting statements.  That is where the insanity is.


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