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[arin-discuss] The joy of SWIPping

I see this discussion has got to the hysterical point.  Whenever
Dean weighs in on something, you know the thread is exhausted.

Aaron, could you show me in the rules where ARIN requires SWIP
information to be available to the general public?  Here's what
I see:

"...Your organization must establish justification for the request. 

Requirements for General and Multi-homed Assignments: 
Utilization is a key factor in justifying an additional assignment of IPv4
address space. You must show exactly how previous address assignments have
been used and provide details to verify your one-year growth projection. The
basic criteria are:

80% utilization of all existing assignments 
25% utilization of the requested block immediately upon assignment 
50% utilization of the requested block within one year 
A greater utilization rate may be required based on individual network

Nothing about SWIP there....

"...4.2.3. Reassigning Address Space to Customers Efficient utilization
ISPs are required to apply a utilization efficiency criterion in providing
address space to their customers. To this end, ISPs should have documented
justification available for each reassignment. ARIN may request this
justification at any time. ...

Nothing mandating SWIP there.....

"... Utilization percentage (80%)
ISPs must have efficiently utilized all previous allocations and at
...Assigned: information will be verified via SWIP/RWHOIS and 1c. .....

Nothing REQUIRING SWIP there either.  You can use SWIP, or RWHOS or 1c of
the template, which basically means reporting privately to ARIN

In short, there's the answer to your question.

Now here is my $0.02

SWIP and RWHOIS is an optional for ISP's.  The only real requirement is
veryifying information back to the RIR.  And, once we switch over to
IPv6 in the future, even that will be unimportant since we have so
many IP addresses there's little need to be concerned with utilization.

However, accepting traffic from specific networks is ALSO and optional
from ISPs.

If you as an ISP elect not to publish your assignments via some
way of me verifying them, then I as an ISP can decide to retaliate
simply by blocking all traffic from you.

Thus, I see little need to modify the current system.


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> Is there any way that ARIN accepts SWIPS for dedicated 
> hosting customers without a name and address?  I know they do 
> this for private residences but what about commercial entities?
> Normally this isn't an issue for us but recently we've had a 
> lot of customers complain about personal information tied to 
> their IP addresses and demand that it be removed.
> Any suggestions?
> Aaron
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