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[arin-discuss] Mailing lists vs Web Forums.

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On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 01:01:16PM -0500, Divins, David wrote:
> This might be a good time to discuss the possibility of Migrating from
> Mail lists to Web Forums.  It would allow threads as these to live only
> to those interested, yet cause no concern for stifling free discussion.
> Thoughts?

If I had to use a web forum, I would never read any of it.  Mail clients have threading support for good reason and many of us depend on procmail rules etc for managing our list traffic.  

I do not have a problem with the addition of a web based digest as long as it copies the list and is not a replacement. List managers such as mailman have this feature built in.



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> I agree.  This seems like a worthless thread of the same discussion over
> and over.
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