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[arin-discuss] members in good standing (WAS: No quorum in last election)

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 07:16:09PM -0500, jlewis at wrote:
> Does ARIN consider non-paying members (especially members with multi-year 
> past due balances) as members?  I would guess that most companies that "go 
> under" don't continue to pay their yearly dues.

I've had this question posed in the past when discussing hijacked ASNs
and IP space.  At some point, the records in whois drop off, and it's
pretty obvious that a given resource isn't recognized by ARIN as being
allocated -- but what do we do in the limbo period when the business
entity is kaput, but the resource is still in use?

Of course, there's also the opposite problem...  

I recently transferred an ASN to our organization that we've picked up
through acquisition.  The dues hadn't been paid for two years, because
the e-mail address wasn't valid, and no one had gotten the invoices.

What would I have done if that ASN had been considered rouge and
blackholed by various nets?  Particularly if there had been difficulties
in transferring the ASN, and becoming current on invoices?

These corner cases get more interesting as more folks multi-home.