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[arin-discuss] Irrelevance (fwd)

Well, I to have had enough and going off list.
Surprising how little someone may know about someone else but
their replies are along the same lines as other comments.

Terri Kelley

On Nov 11, 2007, at 4:02 PM, Dean Anderson wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Nov 2007, Tom Burling wrote:
>> Sorry guys, this is it. Until you fix this thing, I'm off the list.
> It is strange that a senior manager with public corporation experience
> should be so intolerant of the views of others.
>> And as a note to someone who wants to monopolize (and ruin) this  
>> forum
> I haven't "monopolized" anything.  You are free to post about anything
> you like, including your extreme dislike of accountability.
>> I am a CFO of a public reporting corporation, and understand  
>> corporate
>> management and fiduciary responsibilities.
> It is unclear that you fully understand those responsibilities, if you
> are unaware of the right of members/shareholders to investigate
> misconduct in an organization.  You should know that there is  
> nothing to
> "fix". "Fixing", as I take your meaning, just creates the both the  
> facts
> and the appearance of a coverup of misconduct or corruption.  You  
> should
> have learned that in 30 years. If corporate officers and Board Members
> could silence members or shareholders, and refuse cooperation and  
> access
> to documents, there would never be any corruption charges: No one  
> would
> be able to find anything out. You should know that, as a CFO.  But  
> I can
> perhaps understand why CFO's might resent those particular rights of
> members and shareholders.
>> I also agree that for ARIN to operate without input from the  
>> people that rely upon its functioning, it is operating in the dark.
>> They should not only be allowed to participate, they should be
>> encouraged to do so.
> I've never said that ARIN should operate without the input of  
> technical
> people. Please don't misrepresent my position.  Giving $120,000+ to
> NANOG is not required to obtain 'technical input'.
>> I'm not some junior manager, I'm an old man with almost thirty years
>> in corporate management - and I don't have time to read what has
>> basically become more annoying than SPAM.  To ARIN, when you fix this
>> forum let me know. I'd like to participate in a serious dialogue.
> It is strange that you object to spam, but don't object to spammers
> running ARIN.
> But I'm glad that you object to spam. If spammers weren't running the
> anti-spam efforts and making money from both, I'm sure there would be
> less spam.

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