Comments on Name Based Virtualk Hosting Policy Recommendation

Bill Darte billd at
Wed May 9 18:05:18 EDT 2001

> I believe that the word "justification" is a big part of the 
> problem.  If
> one must "justify" something, the implication is that it is 
> being judged by
> some standard, and it is possible to fail to "justify" adequately.
> Kevin

Well, I think justification is appropriate.  The forward to the proposed
policy states:

ARIN subscription holders who provide virtual webhosting services to
their customers, and organizations that request new address space from ARIN,
are strongly encouraged to employ a name-based system of webhosting -- a
current best practice method which enables multiple domains to be hosted
by a single IP address. In contrast, an IP-based system requires a
distinct IP number for each domain, which, where not required for the
technical basis of services offered, is an inefficient use of addresses.
Widespread use of the name-based system will significantly reduce the
number of addresses needed for webhosting and will help to conserve the
limited supply of available address space.

This information provides the basis for the policy which asks providers to
"justify" in technical terms their reasons for NOT using name-based
solutions which are stongly encouraged.

What I believe you are reading into justification is some sort of
consequences for inadequate justification..... and these just aren't there
in the policy as proposed.

Bill Darte

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