IP-Hosting Policy Specifics

sigma at pair.com sigma at pair.com
Thu May 3 09:01:53 EDT 2001

The consensus reached at the meeting was that ARIN was not seeking to
establish a laundry list of what reasons are acceptable or not, and that
doing so would be inappropriate.  ARIN is simply gathering data about what
the obstacles are at this point, which is frankly a very good idea, since
everyone is considering only their own perception of the whole "Web
hosting issue", or viewing it in terms of what *they* need (or don't need).

I believe it was asked if "just because" is an acceptable answer.  I
suppose it isn't technical enough.  But "just because we use switch X" or
"just because we offer virtualized FTP sites" or "just because we have our
bandwidth tracking sniffer built that way" are all valid.


>I really think we need ARIN to really lay down what "technical
>justifications" there are for requesting IP space for IP-based hosting. This
>request has appeared many times on this discussion list, but the only answer
>I have seen to date indicates that ARIN requires "technical justification;"
>this is a little too vague for businesses that depend on IP space, and the
>customers which they support.
>Is there a definitive list of justifiable reasoning behind IP-based hosting.
>If there is not, then there is no way that anyone offering any IP space to
>their customers could be sure they are requesting the right information from
>their customers. This could conceivably cause them to lose their ability to
>do business if ARIN indicates they don't believe that organization is
>providing proper justification. 
>Is there any way we can come up with a list of justifiable reasons to use
>IP-based hosting? If so, can we then also come up with an escalation
>procedure for requesting additions to the list as technology and standard
>practices change? If we had these in place, then companies offering ISP
>services could follow, to the letter, exactly what ARIN needs for them to be
>compliant. They would also have an opportunity to argue a case for alternate
>technical reasons for IP space.

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