WebHosting Policy approval recommendation

Clay Clay at exodus.net
Wed May 2 21:41:02 EDT 2001

Wow, I didn't think I would be able to say this but...This looks great!  :-)

I recommend this policy for approval.

That is a Yeah vote.

Clayton Lambert
Compliance Services Director
Exodus Communications


When an ISP submits a request for IP address space to be used for IP-based
web hosting, they will supply technical justification for this practice.
ARIN will collect this data for review of the policy in light of operational

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Subject: Named-based Web Hosting Policy: Last Call for Comments

Pursuant to ARIN's recently adopted policy evaluation process, this is the
last call for comments on the ARIN Advisory Council's policy recommendation
regarding Name-based Web Hosting.

The announcement posted today on the ARIN website refers back to an April
16 posting to the Public Policy and Virtual Web hosting mailing lists:


All comments should be sent to the vwp mailing list.

This last call for comments expires at 1700 Eastern Time, 16 May 2001.


Susan Hamlin
Director, Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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