Virtual WebHosting Policy - Final Call for Comment

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Tue Jul 10 07:33:50 EDT 2001

This message below was sent out on July 2 to the arin-announce and public
policy mailing lists,
with a copy to this list. Because the member services role account was not
subscribed to vwp,
it did make it to this list.  As noted below, all discussion is to take
place on the ppml at list.
Most people are subscribed to both.

As there has been no comment, we want to make certain that everyone saw the
final call.
It was also posted on the ARIN announcements on the website.
Please note the deadline for comment is next Monday, July 16.


Susan Hamlin
Director, Member Services

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Subject: Virtual WebHosting Policy - Final Call for Comment

The ARIN Advisory Council recommended a Virtual WebHosting Policy to the
Board of Trustees during its June 12, 2001 teleconference meeting. As the
wording differs slightly from the April 16 version which was posted on the
website and sent to the Public Policy mailing list for last call for
comments, the following language will be posted for 10 working days in
order for the community to make final comment:

"When an ISP submits a request for IP address space to be used for
IP-based web hosting, they will supply (for informational purposes only)
their technical justification for this practice.  ARIN will analyze this
data continuously, evaluating the need for future policy change."

Please send your comments to the ppml at mailing list.  This last
call will expire on 23:59 EDT, July 16, 2001.

Ray Plzak

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