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Mon Jan 8 17:24:22 EST 2001

We have servers with over 5-10 million hits and parse logs daily at night. It takes about 2 hours to parse the logs per 
machine. Mostly due to resolving IPs. To get just the bandwidth, 10 million hits log file can be parsed in matter of 
minutes. So, you just need better tools ;-) As for other traffic such as FTP, there is a log file which can be parsed, too. 
We actually do this for anonymous FTP. I don't know who charges for POP/SMTP traffic, but same method can be 
implied here to calculate the bandwidth, too. It's matter of having right tools for the job. They are out there or you can 
have a programmer write custom set for your needs. Keep in mind, I'm referring to virtual web hosting, not dedicated.


On Mon, 08 Jan 2001 17:16:34 -0500, Bill Van Emburg wrote:

>Simon wrote:
>> Doesn't scale in what sense? doing virtual web hosting, what other traffic are you concerned about?
>Doesn't scale in that when you take millions of hits a day, your tools
>can't parse the bandwidth information out of the reports in any kind of
>economical fashion.  In fact, one of my customers just dumped
>Macromedia's Aria tool because, while it's a great tool in terms of
>functionality, it simply can't scale to meet the sheer volume of log
>files generated daily.
>What other traffic I'm concerned about is, first of all, the difference
>between application-layer total data transfer and actual bandwidth
>consumed.  Then there is FTP data transfer, SMTP, POP, etc.
>Parsing HTTP log files simply can't meet these needs.
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