ARIN Justified...

NeoBoi decosta at
Sat Jan 6 19:40:00 EST 2001

I agree, unless the client is using SSL, there is no need for a Single IP
per domain....its a waste...

Scott Rogers wrote:

> SO let's all open a $50. account and request a
> few thousand IP addresses :-)
> At least we will knoe where to go to get more when
> we all run out.
> (Please, no flames... I'm kidding... Well sort of :-)
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> From: Simon
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> Sent: 1/5/01 7:57 PM
> Subject: Re: ARIN Justified...
> Now, this is how IPs are wasted. Why in the world they can't use one IP
> per client, I've no idea. It's interesting too, they assign each new
> domain a unique IP unless you refuse. Very strange. I doubt it's a typo,
> too. I mean, if you can use named-based hosting and imply so, then why
> give unique IPs by default. I think companies like this should be
> penalized somehow.
> "Why pay up to $50 per month for additional domains added to your
> hosting account? With Blue Gravity Hosting, all domains are combined
> under one account, and one usage based billing plan. Host an unlimited
> number of domains under a single account, for one low monthly price. Pay
> a one-time setup fee of $5.00 per domain (each domain is assigned a
> unique IP address unless otherwise requested)!"

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