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Simon simon at
Sat Jan 6 18:18:53 EST 2001

Doesn't scale in what sense? doing virtual web hosting, what other traffic are you concerned about? 


On Sat, 06 Jan 2001 17:26:31 -0500, Bill Van Emburg wrote:

>Simon wrote:
>> For virtual hosting, you can parse access log files. For us, billing isn't the issue, but attacks, search engines, 
>> FTP, SSL, and few other things are. Our biggest concern is DoS. One can *easily* cause DoS for sites sharing the 
>> IP and there is no fast/easy way of blocking the attack. It happened once, and it surely didn't look pretty. You can 
>> my post in the archive regarding the attack.
>> -Simon
>Parsing access log files will not, unfortunately, solve the billing
>issue, as this method does not scale.  It also leaves out any traffic
>that is not HTTP traffic, making "bandwidth reports" substantially
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