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Simon simon at
Fri Jan 5 22:57:44 EST 2001

Now, this is how IPs are wasted. Why in the world they can't use one IP per client, I've no idea. It's interesting too, they 
assign each new domain a unique IP unless you refuse. Very strange. I doubt it's a typo, too. I mean, if you can use 
named-based hosting and imply so, then why give unique IPs by default. I think companies like this should be penalized 

"Why pay up to $50 per month for additional domains added to your hosting account? With 
Blue Gravity Hosting, all domains are combined under one account, and one usage based 
billing plan. Host an unlimited number of domains under a single account, for one low monthly 
price. Pay a one-time setup fee of $5.00 per domain (each domain is assigned a unique IP 
address unless otherwise requested)!"

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