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Subject: [icann-announce] ANNOUNCEMENT: ASO General Assembly for 2001 and
Call for ICANN Board Nominations

January 3, 2001 - The Address Council of the Address Supporting
Organisation is pleased to announce the second ASO General Assembly
meeting, to be held on Wednesday, 4 April 2001, in San Francisco, US.
This meeting will be hosted by ARIN alongside ARIN's Public Policy and
Members Meeting, and will be open to all parties with an interest in ASO
policy matters. A detailed meeting agenda will be published in due
course on the ASO web site, at <http://www.aso.icann.org/>.

In compliance with the ASO MoU
<http://www.aso.icann.org/docs/aso-mou.html>, the Address Council and
ICANN hereby call for nominations to the ICANN Board, of candidates to
fill vacant ASO seats on the ICANN board as they become vacant. The
first such seat scheduled to become vacant is currently occupied by Mr.
Ken Fockler, who will stand down on 1 October 2001. However, candidates
nominated at this time may also be chosen to fill other seats which may
become vacant before or after this time. Note that appointments to the
ICANN board must satisfy the geographic diversity constraints specified
in section 3c of the ASO MoU.

Any individual may be nominated within this process, with the exception
of any official of a national government or a multinational entity
established by treaty or other agreement between national governments
(ICANN Bylaws Art. V., Sec 5). Self-nominations are permitted.

Nominations should be sent by email to <secretariat at aso.icann.org> and
should state the following details :

   A. Nominee details

      1. Full name
      2. Organisational affiliation
      3. Email address
      4. Physical address
      5. Country of residence
      6. Telephone contact
      7. Biography

   B. Details of nominating individual

      1. Full name
      2. Organisational affiliation
      3. Email address
      4. Country of residence

Nominations must be submitted in English and must be received by the ASO
Secretariat before 0900 GMT 5 March 2001 (30 days prior to the General
Assembly meeting).  After nomination all nominees will be contacted via
email to confirm their willingness to serve as an ICANN Director. If the
nominee is not contactable via email then the nomination will not be
confirmed, and nominee must explicitly confirm the nomination for the
nomination to be considered confirmed.

All confirmed nominations will be listed on the ASO web site (see
http://www.aso.icann.org/) as soon as they are confirmed. Those wishing
to express support for any individuals who have been nominated should
use the "ICANN Board - Support of Nomination" Form which will be made
available on the ASO web site.

The list of nominated individuals and the supporting comments will be
passed to the Address Council after all nominees are confirmed, and
prior to the General Assembly meeting on 4 April 2001.

More information regarding the GA and nominations process will be posted
to the ASO web site <http://www.aso.icann.org/> in due course.

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