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I don't think there should be a "list" of exceptions.  There should be
maintainer discretion and escalation to ARIN if the service provider (end
user) feels he is getting the shaft from the ISP.

If you have a need for addresses, document the need and provide any
supporting technical justification.  Exodus has a tough policy, but it is
not restrictive in that we will provide you with the address space that you
need, it is just that we require the need to be documented beyond an email
that says "I need a /22 for a network of 75 webservers."  Don't laugh, I get
stuff like that all the time.
We have contacted and made recommendations to many large scale vendors in
the past (and we continue to make efforts in this regard) in support of
HTTP1.1 support, as well as trying to push them to support efficient IP

So while it may be difficult to get a large and shakely justified block of
address space, it is not difficult (beyond the documentation requirement) to
acquire address space that is justified.


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:-)  The reason I mentioned Exodus is because we are a customer of
Exodus, and in my opinion, the policy is too restrictive.  And the
statement was directed at the fact that Exodus hosts many companies that
are in the business of hosting websites, not Exodus as a company.  As I
have stated in earlier postings, simply clamping down and restricting
virtual web hosting is not the answer.  Any list of justifications, no
matter how much thought went into it, will not cover every possible
reason for needing the IP's.  Documentation is a great thing, just the
fact that someone has to sit down and write out a list of machines that
need IP's will deter most people from requesting extra IP's.

Clayton Lambert wrote:
> Do you have ANY idea of what you are saying?  Sorry for appearing brash,
> but...I run the IP maintenance organization at Exodus, and I would easily
> stack our allocation policy up against anybody's.
> You have no idea what you are talking about in regard to larger companies.
> Exodus consumes a very modest amount of address space given our size and
> presence on the Internet.  There are much smaller competitors of ours that
> consume larger amounts of IP space.
> Exodus is already pioneering the efficiency of use ideology that I would
> like to see ARIN adopt (a strong HTTP1.1 stance on ARIN's part is a good
> start).  We currently require extensive supporting documentation for IP
> requests from all our Customers.  A Customer has to show a documented need
> for their usage request and we file all these requests and refer to past
> requests and detail as additional requests for address space occur.  This
> method gives us a very clear and honest indication of IP address usage
> growth. This allows us to support our Customers' IP addressing needs in a
> very accurate and efficient way.  The end result is less consumption of
> space across the board.
> Clayton Lambert
> Exodus Communications
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>         The big guys that you refer to are generally not in the web
> business and therefore are outside of the scope of this conversation.
> The real concern is the big guys like Exodus and UUNet.  Since IPv6 is
> not a viable option for general consumption yet, we need to concentrate
> on conserving the existing IPv4 space.  As far as search engines go, if
> enough sites start using HTTP1.1 software virtual servers, they will be
> forced to upgrade their spiders to support it.  I would suggest that one
> of the main issues at hand is billing.  Billing for web hosting
> companies that is.  Most companies bundle bandwidth with their hosting
> packages, and current billing packages utilize destination IP address
> information to gather this information.  If there is not a way to get
> this information without drastic changes to both billing software and in
> some cases hardware, there will be very strong opposition to any changes
> in the way IP addresses are given out.
> -Stephen
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