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Thu Jan 4 16:29:21 EST 2001

This hits the heart of this particular aspect of the issue:

ARIN IP policy should not be restricted due to vendor specific limitations.
protocol limitations are a different story, but just because a short-sited
vendor takes an easy path to market, for his product or service, ARIN should
not conform a policy around his product limitation.


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> Stephen is right. For us the biggest issue is billing. We collect billing
> data using NetFlow and export the data to our accounting and billing
> software based on IP address.
> It would take a lot of work/money to migrate from this system.
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	So... you are depending on a vendor supplied system?
	When (not if) NetFlow changes and/or you migrate to
	a vendor that does not support NetFlow, you expect
	your systems to continue to work?


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