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Clayton Lambert Clay at
Wed Jan 3 17:47:46 EST 2001

it is more than a vague notion.  It is a fact...

A small percentage of our Customers use the overwhelmingly largest amounts
of address space.

This policy should not scare web-hosters.  I think that webhosters should
make the attempt to be efficient with their use of address space.  We have
hammered our name-based hosting servers and we have not seen an appreciable
drop in performance compared to the same servers running IP based hosting.
If there is a valid reason for a service provider (any service, not just
webhosters) to use IP-based hosting, I think it is not unreasonable to have
them provide documentation to support that requirement.  Accountability
isn't something that is necessarily bad.

-Clayton Lambert
Exodus Communications

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I have seen no evidence that there is a problem. No scope, no magnitude, no
trends, just a vague notion that it is wasting "lots" of addresses.
Bill Darte

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> Are there any more thoughts on what we should do with the
> so-called virtual
> hosting policy?
> Alec
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