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Wed Jan 3 17:44:07 EST 2001

This modification i agree with, my only objection is that why should people
have to justify the usage of their netblock, why not just up the costs to
encourage them to use as few IP's as possible.  It would seem to be more
effective.  Just my thoughts.
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> We should re-institute the policy with modifications to the text for
> clarity.  Service providing should be the catch word instead of
> There should be clear reference to technical exceptions to the policy
> should NOT be in the form of specific exceptions, as technical reasons for
> exception to the policy can easily step beyond the ability of a "list",
> hence the reason for maintainer discretion), only technical exceptions
> should be allowed (as opposed to policy exceptions). The entity assigned
> overall netblock should have discretion for determining the exceptions to
> the policy and should maintain the documentation for the exception, and
> the info available to ARIN on in audit-style format (NDA should be
> between the Netblock maintainer and ARIN).
> Clay
> Exodus Communications
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> Are there any more thoughts on what we should do with the so-called
> hosting policy?
> Alec
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