[Services-wg] Thanks and discharge of ARIN Services Working Group!

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Fri Jan 19 21:41:18 EST 2018

Services Working Group Members - 

On 18 January 2018, the ARIN Board of Trustees adopted the follow action which ends the ARIN Services WG and thanks each of you for your great efforts! 

	“The ARIN Board of Trustees discharges the ARIN Services WG and thanks the five (5) general members who served on it:  

		David Huberman
		Martin Hannigan
		L. Sean Kennedy
		Dmitry Kohmanyuk
		Matt Peterson

 	for their excellent efforts over its two years of operation.”

I would also like to thank each of you for your time and effort - we did a great job with getting both CKN-23 and the ARIN IRR Roadmap done and in front of the ARIN community! 

Given the resurgence of participation in the ARIN community consultation process, it was felt that process is now working well enough to address future service change discussions.  We will be announcing this change shortly to the community, but I wanted to make sure you were informed by me directly. 

Thanks again! (and look forward to your continued input on the arin-consult making list…) 

John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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