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Thank you for the reply.  You wrote:

Actually, this issue has originated not with staff, but from a significant
number of folks who have found themselves no longer able to update
the DNS servers (or origin AS) for a legacy network block, either though
they were the original technical contact.

Wait.  That's by design, isn't it?

If Block X is registered to Company Y, then any authorized employee of Company Y can update the rDNS or origin_AS through normal channels. Anyone complaining they _can't_ update is *possibly* unauthorized (and therefore should go through ARIN's procedures).  Right?

David -

Slightly more convoluted case (and obviously this is predominantly an
issue with legacy address blocks that have been long ignored…)

Jim Smith gets an /24 for his networking company “Sprockets” in 1994,
so that he can connect to the Internet.  He gets  /24) and connects to
the Internet via one the early commercial ISPs.

The netblock reads as follows:

4131 El Camino Real, Palo Alta CA
Jim Smith
jim at well.com<mailto:jim at well.com>

Apparently, Jim left Sprockets sometime in the late 90’s…

Twenty years later, Jim has called and is very upset with ARIN for having
“munged it" all up -

1) The organization field is set to “Sprockets”, not him.

2) The Admin Contact for the organization says CKN-23

3) While he would swear he was the tech contact on the Sprockets org
    (he still has his Well email and updated the DNS servers around 2005
    to a friend’s DNS server), but for for some reason it now says CKN-23
    for Tech Contact and he can’t regain control of the Sprockets org record.

4) He is now listed only as the Abuse contact.

Jim’s not a happy camper, and wants to know why ARIN disassociated him
with his address block randomly sometime after 2010.   Jim says that he’s
been been using the address block for his house since leaving Sprockets
(no public IP, but he just uses NAT and connects via his public cable modem
IP address.)

ARIN has very much has disassociated him from the address block, and
actually may not let him recover the IP address block until he’s recovered
Sprockets.  Sprockets may have melted down, been sold, etc. and it is not
clear that Jim has any paperwork that covers his exit, use of the IP block,
or anything that happened to Sprockets.   Because we no longer allow him
as a abuse contact to update the DNS servers, he can’t even use “his” IP
block now that he’s getting a nice new Internet connection.

Does that help clarify the typical concern that we’re hearing from some legacy
address holders over our CKN23 database changes over the years?


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