RTMA Working Group Meeting

Cathy Wittbrodt cjw at remarque.org
Wed Feb 28 13:30:13 EST 2001


The question is whether ARIN should be doing things like changing
the minimum allocation again in light of the routing table growth?
We're also trying to judge whether moving it to a /20 has had any
negative impacts on routing table growth.  


    From: Tony Li <tli at Procket.com>
    Subject: Re: RTMA Working Group Meeting 
    I'm willing to attend if there is actually any outcome (i.e., does ARIN
    need to change policies?  not as far as I can tell).
    While Randy is correct that growth is sub-Moore at this point, I really did
    try to stress the point that the current trend will take us over Moore and
    that we either need conservation mechanisms or change to v6.
    Cathy Wittbrodt writes:
     | Randy,
     | Since I am not entirely sure that TLi will be at the ARIN meeting
     | would it be possible for you to update his slides and present on the
     | panel?  It would be most helpful to get your input.  If Tony is there
     | then maybe you can do something jointly?
     | Thanks
     | ---CJ
     |     From: Randy Bush <randy at psg.com>
     |     Subject: Re: RTMA Working Group Meeting
     |     > It might be appropriate to discuss the four-part "Imminent death of the
     |     > Internet predicted" presentation from NANOG, in which the rise in 
     |     > number of routes is expected to outstrip the available memory/processing
     |     > power at some indeterminate future point.
     |     you might remember tli's point that the growth is sub-moore.  hence chicken
     |     little should focus on other aspects, e.g. convergence time.
     |     randy

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