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>Dear Colleagues,
>The CRISP Team has reviewed the Updated 4th Draft SLA for the IANA
>Numbering Services.
>Updated 4th Draft SLA for the IANA Numbering Services
>Firstly, we would like to thank both ICANN and RIRs for sharing all
>comments and updates on the SLA from its Third Draft in a continued
>transparent manner with Internet number community. It is our expectation
>that the completion of this SLA will continue to take place in such a
>transparent and open manner.
>We observe that the 4th Draft SLA is consistent with the number community
>proposal and we support the comments made by RIR staff in working towards
>a final SLA document, addressing the feedback received from ICANN.
>We have primarily reviewed whether the SLA sufficiently covers the
>following four key elements of the number community proposal.
>* Service level requirements of the IANA Numbering Services are clearly
>defined to meet the expectations of the RIRs and the Internet numbers
>* The RIRs, and the Internet number Community through the Review
>Committee are able to conduct review of the service level, to ensure the
>service level is met in accordance with the SLA
>* The RIRs have the ability to terminate the SLA, while at the same time
>ensuring the stability of the IANA Numbering Services, in accordance with
>the number community proposal
>* The IPR and rights over data are transferred, in accordance with the
>number community proposal
>In particular, we support the NRO revisions numbered below, which are
>required to ensure consistency with the CRISP proposal. The previously
>proposed text, without the NRO revisions addressing ICANN's feedback,
>would be inconsistent with the number community proposal as well as the
>final ICG proposal, and therefore not acceptable to the Internet number
>Source 15: 8.1- Periodic Review
>Source 16: 8.2- Cooperation with review
>Source 17: 9- Failure to Perform
>Source 20: 10.3 Right not to renew
>Source 24: 11.1 - Submission of a plan  (* The RIR Lawyer Comment says
>11.2.1 - could it be a typo?)
>Source 35: 11.2 - Transition to Successor Operator
>Source 26: 12.1 - Assignment of IPR and rights to Data
>In addition, we wish to remind the community that the SLA provides the
>Internet number community with its required accountability measures,
>which are clearly represented within the number community proposal; and
>it is therefore essential to the CRISP support for the IANA transition
>The SLA will have no effect until the transition actually takes place on
>30 September 2016, however it must be considered as an essential
>commitment along with other improvements to ICANN¹s accountability. In
>particular the SLA should be executed or otherwise guaranteed, no later
>than the execution of changes to the ICANN Bylaws which have been
>specified by CCWG-accountability.
>The CRISP team wishes to express our concern about the lateness of the
>comments on the SLA made by ICANN, close to four months after the latest
>published version of the SLA by the RIRs.
>We would like to strongly request both ICANN and RIRs to work swiftly on
>providing additional inputs if any, so that the accountability measures
>needed for the Internet number community, can be put into place according
>to the schedule as described above. We trust that ICANN and RIRs continue
>to work constructively and transparently to finalise an SLA that respects
>the wishes of the number community.
>Best Regards,
>Izumi Okutani and Nurani Nimpuno
>on behalf of the CRISPT Team
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