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My argument on this matter, and on internet governance in general, is that ICANN, the IGF, MAG, ISOC, DCAD, AKIN, etc act like glorified travel agencies. 

But traveling does not equal leadership. Regardless of how a DC group conducts its democratic discussions on the maiking list, the Chair of a DC group should be spending the majority of time talking to the Secretariat or other higher ups at MAG, the IGF and the UN about gaining more funding, more legal representation, more of everything for the DC, zero time should be spent explaining to the group why something meaningful like the project I proposed cannot get accomplished. 

I'm no longer participating in this discussion or any subsequent discussion on this mailing list, so please, everyone go back to the new 21st century "pretend we are working" mindset where traveling is now the primary accomplishment of world leaders. The DC groups were only created by MAG so that the IGF would have something to gesture towards and say, "Look we are involved in 'progress', we are accomplishing, heck or dynamic coalitions traveled to a conference just last week and discussed important issues! But don't worry, the chair will get you a summary of our conference discussions soon!"

There is a reason why the greatest technological accomplishments in the past 5 years have been driverless cars, drone technology and the apple IWatch, progress is stalled because people in power are saying to themselves, things are good the way they are but people always want more progress. To remedy that "human want for continuing progress", let's do our best to pretend we are progressing, and if anyone figures out the IG scheme to define an utter lack of progress as progress, we will just pretend they are crazy and kick them out of the mailing list or quiet them down somehow, then go back to the planning the next trip. As long as humanity sees the illusion of progress. the less humanity is likely to object to the lack of progress. That is what the G8, the G20 and every other world conference is all about, the illusion of progress for the poor and middle classes of the world to observe and say to themselves, hey that is real progress, they
 traveled and met and talked, that is progress. No it isn't, it is the maitenance of the status quo, because when you got millions or billions of dollars who really wants to spend any time on real progress when you can create the illusion of progress and spend the majority of time enjoying the good life.

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