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Sweeting, John john.sweeting at twcable.com
Mon Jul 6 11:16:28 EDT 2015

FYI for all in ARIN region that are interested. Thanks.

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>Subject: Re: [NRO-IANAXFER] Call for Comments for a Draft Internet Number
>Community Review Committee Charter
>Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2015 00:12:35 +0900
>From: Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp>
>To: ianaxfer at nro.net
>Dear Colleagues,
>This is to share the draft comment to be submitted from the CRISP Team on
>Review Committee Charter.
>We may still have minor changes, but basically, we don't observe any
>inconsistencies with the number community proposal.
>I'd also like to once again remind everyone that the comment period set
>by NRO is closing soon at UTC23:59 6th July. We encourage you to submit
>comments on the draft Review Committee Charter, with more details found
>The CRISP Team would like thank the NRO for this opportunity to comment
>on the draft Internet Number Community Review Committee Charter, Public
>Draft v1.0.
>The comment from the CRISP Team focuses on whether there are any
>inconsistencies with the number community proposal. In this light, we
>observe no inconsistencies with the numbers community proposal Section
>"III.A.4. Establishment of a Review Committee" with details described
>[Section III.A.4. Establishment of a Review Committee (Description about
>the Role)]
>The RIRs shall establish a Review Committee that will advise and assist
>the NRO EC in its periodic review. The Review Committee will, as needed,
>undertake a review of the level of service received from the IANA
>Numbering Services Operator and report to the NRO EC any concerns
>regarding the performance of the IANA Numbering Services Operator,
>including especially any observed failure or near-failure by the IANA
>Numbering Services Operator to meet its obligations under the proposed
>agreement.  Any such Review Committee will advise the NRO EC in its
>capacity solely to oversee the performance of the IANA Numbering
>Services, and the Review Committee's advice and comment will be limited
>to the processes followed in the IANA Numbering Services Operator's
>performance under the proposed agreement.
> --> Reflected in "Functions/Objectives" Clauses 1-3 of Internet Number
>Community Review Committee Charter Public Draft v1.0.
>As an additional observation, the number community proposal limits the
>scope of the Review Committee's advice related to the IANA Numbering
>Clause 1 of the charter describes "The Review Committee's main function"
>which may give room for additional functions as needed.
>We do not observe inconsistencies if additional functions will be related
>to advice around the performance of the IANA functions but it may be
>worth giving more clarity in the language.
>[Section III.A.4. Establishment of a Review Committee: (Description about
>Activities of the Review Committee shall be conducted in an open and
>transparent manner. Reports from the Review Committee shall be published.
>--> Reflected in "Proceedings" Clauses 8 and 10, "Transparency" Clauses
>11-13 of Internet Number Community Review Committee Charter Public Draft
>[Section III.A.4. Establishment of a Review Committee :( Description
>about Composition)]
>The Review Committee should be a team composed of suitably qualified
>Internet Number Community representatives from each RIR region. The
>selection of the Review Committee members should be conducted in an open,
>transparent, and bottom-up manner appropriate for each RIR region. There
>should be equal representation from each RIR region within the Review
> --> Reflected in "Composition" Clauses 4 and 5 of Internet Number
>Community Review Committee Charter Public Draft v1.0.
>We believe this process of publishing the draft for community feedback
>ensures that the implementation of the proposal is consistent with the
>consensus of the number community, and appreciate that RIRs, jointly as
>the NRO, have published the draft to be open for comments.
>With this draft charter of the Review Committee published, as well as the
>first draft of the SLA text which has closed its public comments on 14th
>June, the CRISP Team has confidence on the smooth preparation of
>implementation of the Number Community proposal in timely manner.
>Izumi Okutani
>On 2015/06/23 13:17, German Valdez wrote:
>> Dear Colleagues
>> Please refer to the below call for comments published today in the NRO
>> Regards
>> German Valdez
>> NRO
>> ====
>> Open until: 6 July 2015, 23:59 UTC
>> On 15 January, 2015, the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal
>>(CRISP) Team submitted the Internet Number Community Proposal to the
>>request for proposals issued by the IANA Stewardship Coordination Group
>> One of the key elements of the Internet Number Community Proposal,
>>described in section III.A.4, is the establishment of a Review Committee
>>to ensure that the service level defined in the proposed SLA for the
>>IANA Numbering Services is maintained by the IANA Numbering Services
>>Operator.  Further description of the Review of IANA Numbering services
>>is described in Article 8 of the draft SLA.
>> All interested parties are now encouraged to review and comment on the
>>draft Internet Number Community Review Committee Charter. The document
>>is available at
>> https://www.nro.net/review-committee-charter
>> This call for public comments will remain open until 6 July, 2015 at
>>23:59 UTC.  Comments can be submitted by any interested party to the
>>ianaxfer at nro.net mailing list. Subscription to this list is open and
>>available at:
>> https://www.nro.net/mailman/listinfo/ianaxfer
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