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Hi ARIN region,

Please see below for updated information from the CRISP team.


On 4/10/15, 2:35 PM, "Izumi Okutani" <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:

>Dear Colleagues,
>As a follow up from APNIC39 Conference which was held in Fukuoka in March
>2015, which discussed the next steps on preparation of implementation for
>the numbers proposal, summary of major discussion points are now
>available from the NRO website.
>I would like to highlight three key points from the meeting.
> 1. The ability to choose the IANA Numbering Services operator
>    In course of developing the SLA, it was consulted at the meeting
>whether the ability to choose the IANA Numbering Services operator is a
>critical and essential part of the SLA contract.
>    It was confirmed at the meeting that :
>     - The ability to choose the IANA Numbering Services operator is seen
>as one of the most important elements in ensuring the accountability of
>the IANA numbering function operator.
>     - As defined in the numbers community proposal, the possibility of
>changing the operator from ICANN in the future should remain open, which
>is expected to be reflected in the SLA.
>     - APNIC confirmed that the RIR would work on an SLA that is
>consistent with the numbers community proposal, to reflect the intention
>of the community.
> 2. Transparency in providing feedback on the implementation
>     - The proposal consolidated by the CRISP Team was developed based on
>the requirements announced by the NTIA in March 2014, with consensus from
>the numbers community.
>       Therefore, in case there are any concerns for implementation to be
>consistent with the numbers community proposal, including the ability to
>choose an operator for the IANA numbering services, it should be
>       communicated to the community's attention in a transparent manner.
> 3. Future steps in the community consultation on implementation
>     - The plan is to carry the community consultation over the course of
>the coming months at the RIR meetings - this APNIC meeting is the first
>of these.
>     - During this period, all regions will have the chance to discuss
>issues relevant to the drafting of the SLA.
>     - After all the regional consultations are complete and all these
>processes have run their course, we should have a final agreed SLA as the
>outcome, which would then be part of the implementation of the numbers
>community proposal.
>From this stage, the RIRs will be responsible in preparing implementation
>of the IANA stewardship transition for the IANA Numbering Services and
>consulting with the community on its implementation as needed, based on
>the numbers community proposal.
>In preparation for implementation, RIRs will be consulting with the
>community at the coming RIR meetings, as well as on the global
>ianaxfer at nro.net and each regional mailing lists as when appropriate.
>The CRISP Team have completed its role of developing the community based
>proposal for the IANA Numbering Services after its submission to the ICG
>but continues to be engaged in :
>     - Clarifying the intention of the proposal to the RIRs in preparing
>its implementation, in transparent manner with the community
>     - Share observation to the RIRs on community feedback received about
>implementation, whether it is consistent with the proposal
>     - Follow up with the RIRs on the status and latest timeline of the
>preparation of implementation
>As the next RIR meeting, where the community will be consulted on the
>status of implementation, ARIN35 Meeting will be held in San Francisco
>with a CRISP Panel at 11:00 AM-12:00 PM (UTC-7) Monday, 13 April, 2015.
>Panelists will report on the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal
>(CRISP) Team's proposal, which was submitted to the IANA Stewardship
>Coordination Group, as well as talk about current status and the next
>Online participation is possible for those who cannot attend the meeting
>physically, and I encourage the community members to join the community
>consultation at ARIN35.
>Best Regards,
>Izumi Okutani
>Chair, the CRISP Team
>ianaxfer mailing list
>ianaxfer at nro.net

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