[Iana-transition] lanic update, ideas for new oversight board (MONC)

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Wed Oct 29 11:40:02 EDT 2014


I am currently at the LACNIC meeting and we just had the discussion of 
ideas & proposals surrounding the IANA transition.  A new set of ideas 
has been presented here for discussion in this region.  The idea of a 
new oversight board (MONC) to perform the NTIA oversight function.

I bring it up here so that you can be aware of it and so that we can 
discuss the idea in our region as well.

Below are links to the slides and agenda which are in spanish.

A few personal notes from the presentation and the discussion.

Proposal for a Multistakeholder Oversight Numbers Council (MONC)

Permanent body that would support the NRO, would meet once per year to 
supervise the development & oversight of IANA functions, similar to the 
sitting fiscal committee of lacnic.

It was suggested that oversight role should be done by this body for the 
numbers portion of the IANA functions.  Members of the Council would 
have to be selected or appointed to fulfill this role.  How that would 
happen is not part of this initial idea draft.

One thing that was noted here is that this is a new idea and that it 
should be given time for discussion to see if it has merits.  There 
aren't a lot of details on the structure here at this time, but they 
should come with time.




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