[Iana-transition] ICG RFP sections 0, I, and II

Jason Schiller jschiller at google.com
Wed Oct 15 21:42:28 EDT 2014

I wanted to start some discussion while we wait for the survey results.  I
think it is worth posting the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination
Group (ICG)
RFP in case not everyone is aware of it.


I think it is reasonable to conclude that our community should only be
responding to concerns in the "Numbers" space, and any other concerns
should be brought to the attention of the appropriate community (IETF for
protocols and ports or ICANN for names and DNS) for consideration.

I also think it is reasonable to conclude that sections I. "Description of
Community's Use of IANA Functions" and II. "Existing, Pre-Transition
Arrangements" are
simply reporting facts as they currently are.  Assuming that is the case I
would recommend ARIN staff (or the NRO if other regions also support this
conclusion) provide preliminary answers to these sections, with our
community validating the responses.

I would like to ask this community if they agree with this assessment, or
if there are any objections to referring sections I and II out to staff,
and closing out section 0. by checking the "Numbers" box.

Then we can focus on the remaining sections which will need community

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