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I think I answered this on Bill's thread"RIPE slide deck on the matter."

In short the ARIN community needs to start shaping some actual text.

I have tried to separate the non-controversial stuff out, like documenting
the current state of things:
- current SLAs
- Internet Number related IANA services our community uses
- What is the current Global Policy
- Where does Global Policy come from
- How the GDPD is transparent, open, bottom-up and inclusive
- What are the oversight mechanisms for global policy making
- What are the over sight mechanisms for the operation of the IANA function
- and that the community agrees we are commenting in Internet Number

I think CRISP, and especially that RIR staff, can go off and put together
text on this and as it becomes available share it with the community.  (I
expect the community will mostly just nod to this).

I think the first two questions, 1. What type of legal document, and 2.
between whom? Are fairly straight forward.  I hope legal council can
provide some advice, and after a short community discussion, the ARIN CRISP
team should be able to tell where this community stands (and share with us
where other communities stand in reference to this question).  Are all
types of legal documents acceptable, in which case we move towards where
other communities are headed? Is one type preferred over another, but a
short list of the ones that are acceptable?  Is the
community ambivalent and happy to defer to council?

I'd say maybe a week discussion after we have the advice of council.  Once
we have an answer to question 1, council and CRISP can go off and write the
document and share it with the community.  Once we have an answer to
question 2, we can pop the names in.

3. How pulling back the IANA function should work post NTIA transition, and
what membership oversight there is for it, is completely new ground.  I'd
argue for CRISP to provide some slides as a starting point for discussion.
Maybe slides in a weeks time, and assess where the discussion is 10 days
after that?

4,5. is SLA stuff.  Once we have the current SLAs, and the current list of
IANA services the community uses, we can try to figure out if the SLAs
are sufficient, if not modify them.  This is maybe a week of discussion,
then the CRIPS team can modify the consolidated SLA document to include

We also need to determine the future process for changing the SLAs, and how
to provide oversight of the quality of service, how to declare
(non-)compliance , and what is the membership oversight.  We can try and
address these concerns once we pin down the SLAs, maybe 2 weeks?

So timelines...

If we want the ARIN output by 12/01 so CRISP have 45 days to assemble a
single document...

Current SLAs are published in a single doc by 11/17
Council publishes a list of legal documents by 11/17 comparing types of
legal docs
  - contract for IANA services referencing an SLA
  - MoU
  - Legally binding SLA document
  - Something else?
One week discussion about which legal doc and between whom 11/17 - 11/23
One week discussion modifications to current SLA and IANA function
reporting 11/17 - 11/23
CRISP team to write Legal Agreement 11/24 - 12/14
Discussion of  11/24 - 12/07
  - future SLA modification process
  - oversight of IANA performance
  - level of membership oversight
CRISP team to create SLA document  12/08 - 12/14
  - IANA SLA development process
  - IANA performance oversight
  - declaration on IANA (non-)compliance
  - level of membership oversight
Community to review and reiterate Legal and SLA documents when available
through 12/14
CRISP produce unified doc 12/14 - 01/15/2015
Community to review unified documents when available through 01/11/2015
  - Community to find consensus position on issues through 01/11/2015
CRISP collect final modifications 01/11/2015 - 01/15/2015
CRISP to provide final iteration to RIR communities and CSG 01/15/2015

Community to continue to find consensus position on issues
for unified draft 01/15/2015 - 09/2015
CRISP team to inform CSG of significant changes ongoing through 09/2015

Community to shift focus to ARIN governance as global consensus discussion
winds down through 09/2015

Community to shift focus to IANA Board oversight wrt ratification of Global
Policy as ARIN governance discussion winds down through 09/2015

Community to shift focus to IANA oversight as IANA Board oversight
discussion winds down through 09/2015

 Community to continue focus to IANA oversight - on going


On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Andrew Dul <andrew.dul at quark.net> wrote:

> On 11/10/2014 6:41 AM, Jason Schiller wrote:
> > I see this work in various scopes of increasing size.
> >
> > scope 1: documenting the metrics and putting them in a legal framework
> > scope 2: ensuring proper community over sight and modification of the
> > metrics.
> > scope 3: ensuring proper over sight of the IANA function (removal of
> > contract)
> > scope 4: ensuring proper over sight of ARIN
> > scope 5: ensuring proper over sight of the ICANN Board wrt
> > ratification of Global Policy Proposals
> > scope 6: ensuring proper over sight of ICANN
> >
> > Scopes 1, 2 and 3 are required to transition the NTIA oversight.
> >
> > To some extent 4 may be required if 2 and 3 depend on ARIN staff, or
> > ARIN board, or ARIN governance documentation, and not directly the
> > membership.
> >
> > Scopes 5 and 6 are not directly impacted by the transition of NTIA
> > oversight of the IANA function wrt number resources, but do relate to
> > the larger question of removal of the NTIA over sight of IACNN and the
> > ability of NTIA to pull the plug if things go wrong.
> >
> > I would argue we should do the following:
> > 1. quickly document the SLAs
> > 2. propose a straw-man for who holds the legal contract including or
> > referencing the SLAs
> > 3. document a process for modifying the SLA, transparently reporting
> > of the SLA performance to the community
> > 4. propose a straw-man for declaring (non-)compliance, and the actions
> > taking up to and including removal of the contract
> > 5. get community consensus on the straw-man for how holds the legal
> > contract, and what is the process for declaring (non-)compliance and
> > taking action.
> >
> > Complete this by the end of the month.
> >
> > Then while the CRIP team is working on unifying the outputs of the
> > communities, we should focus in on the increasing scope.
> >
> > If the ARIN membership does not own the process for modifying the
> > SLAs, judging (non-)compliance, and taking action, then is there the
> > proper community oversight of those that do? (This needs to be
> > complete prior to the go/no-go decision of moving forward with the
> > transition)
> >
> > Then beyond that, does the ARIN membership have the proper oversight
> > of ARIN in general, such as changes to the ARIN mission statement,
> > changes to the ARIN bylaws, and recall of board members, etc.
> >
> > Then beyond that, does the RIR membership have the proper oversight of
> > the ICANN Board wrt the ratification of Global Policy.  Are we
> > comfortable with the ability of the IACNN Board refusing to ratify a
> > Global Policy and going to arbitration?  Are we comfortable going to
> > arbitration for every new Global Policy Proposal?  Should there be
> > some other ICANN Board oversight? (we need to be comfortable with
> > these answers prior to the go/no-go decision of moving forward with
> > the transition)
> >
> > Then if we solve all those issues, we can look more generally into the
> > oversight of ICANN.
> >
> Jason,
> A good summary of what work is likely before us in the coming year(s).
> A more immediate question might be what needs to be done in the next
> couple of weeks before the CRISP group starts its formal work?
> Or to the members of the CRISP group from this region, what discussion
> do you still think needs to happen in this region before the global work
> starts?
> Andrew
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