[Iana-transition] RIPE slide deck on the matter.

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Nov 12 20:18:27 EST 2014

On 11/12/14, 16:55 , Bill Woodcock wrote:
> Worth reading:
> https://ripe69.ripe.net/presentations/139-IANA-CoopWG-RIPE69.pdf
> Thanks, Michael, for pointing out that link.  Note that RIPE have selected Nurani Nimpuno (NetNod, previously APNIC), Andrei Robachevsky (ISOC, previously RIPE), and Paul Rendek (RIPE) as their CRISP team members.
> Jason, David, how well do you think RIPE’s slides 12-13 match what you’re looking for?


I don't think I'm the David you were asking, but I'll comment any way. :)

The only thing I would add to slides 12-14 is a framework for future 
changes, maybe based on the current CRISP/ICG Model.  The point being on 
fairly short notice we had to spin up a process to put together a 
proposal for NTIA Oversight Transition.  It would be rather naive to 
think there won't be additional future change of comparable scope that 
would necessitate similar community actions, maybe in another 5 or 10 
years, who knows.

I won't even speculate on what might necessitate or drive such a change, 
but having an agreed upon framework and knowing who is empowered to 
trigger it, would seem like prudent precautions.  If such a framework 
had already existed many months may have been eliminated from the 
current process.  I'm calling for a framework, because I would not want 
to tie our own future hands, but prepare our future selves with tools, 
leaving the choice of the appropriate tool to when the need arises.


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