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FYI – This is a very good summary sent out to the APNIC list from Craig Ng and since I was unable to attend this call I thought I would share with this list. Thank you.

On 12/11/14, 6:59 PM, "Craig Ng" <craig at apnic.net<mailto:craig at apnic.net>> wrote:

Last night, the CRISP team met for the second time this week. Eleven out of the 15 CRISP team members were present. In addition, there were about 13 observers on the Webex teleconference call. Izumi Okutani (APNIC region) chaired the meeting.

I feel that we are making strong progress towards coming up with a consolidated proposal for the five RIRs.

The meeting considered two documents that were circulated prior to the meeting (both documents are attached to this email):

 1.  A draft response (Draft Response) to the ICG's request for proposal, prepared by Andrei Robachevsky (RIPE NCC region). The Draft Response was originally the work of the RIPE NCC region's CRISP team members, but also incorporates some of ARIN's contents, and shows tracked amendments from Michael Abejuala (ARIN region staff).
 2.  A summary of the current proposals (Summary of Proposals) which have previously been circulated and discussed amongst the communities of APNIC, RIPE NCC and LACNIC. This document highlights the common approach, with a suggestion for a way forward to accommodate the differences (this is a document I prepared).

The meeting spent some time to discuss the Summary of Proposals document. Essentially, the suggestions contained in this document are that:

 *   There will be an IANA Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the RIRs and ICANN (referred to in the documents as the IANA functions operator for neutrality). This is a common approach adopted by all RIRs;
 *   There will not be a separate Affirmation of Commitments or Memorandum of Understanding between the RIRs and ICANN, but the substance of matters that were intended for this document will be captured in the SLA;
 *   There will not be a Multi-stakeholder Oversight Numbers Council (MONC) as proposed by the LACNIC community, but that the Number Resources Organisation (NRO) can empanel a broad-based community group on an annual basis to report to, and to advise, the NRO on whether the IANA functions operator has adequately performed its obligations under the SLA, to the required standard, for the past year.

The RIR community representatives on the CRISP team were consulted on this approach, and there was general acceptance of this approach. None of the team member voiced an objection to this approach.

Progressing from here, Michael Abejuala (ARIN region staff) agreed to be the principal editor of the Draft Response document. The Draft Response document will now be updated to reflect the general agreement reached, and will incorporate any further changes which CRISP team members may propose on the mailing list.

The aim is to have this Draft Response document finalised and released to the community for consultation on 17 December.

The next CRISP team teleconference call will take place on 17 December at 13:00 UTC.

Link to NRO page on current CRISP activities:  <https://www.nro.net/nro-and-internet-governance/iana-oversight/consolidated-rir-iana-stewardship-proposal-team-crisp-team>

(APNIC staff appointee on the CRISP team)

Craig Ng
General Counsel, APNIC
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