[arin-tech-discuss] Preparation guide for RPKI 'surprise' outages (Was: Notice of upcoming maintenance to ARIN’s RPKI infrastructure)

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Mon Jun 14 19:48:31 EDT 2021

> ARIN announced an upcoming 'surprise' maintenance in July 2021. Full
> details have not yet been disclosed - to make it a real surprise! :-)
> I think this RPKI experiment is useful, as it can help ARIN better
> understand its role and responsibilities in the ecosystem, which will
> help making more informed decisions.

I do not like surprises and want to complain about this planned surprise.

I do not want to be woken for something for which I could have planned
(ASes across the globe utilize this), nor have emergencies be fabricated
for me.  Besides just being rude, it would be far more useful to observe
the behavior from start to finish, than to react to a failure.

I also do not consider it ARIN's prerogative to test how clients react
to failure of their pub point.  Every member has the ability to do this
themselves, how and where they desire (such as a lab rather than prod.),
and on their schedule.  Some likely experience publicaiton points being
inaccessible daily.  ARIN's goal should be the near uninterrupted
operation of their public facing services.

If ARIN requires a maintenance period, publish that period and adhere to
it.  As our customers expect from us, I expect from ARIN.

This is no longer a toy.

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