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We have an rather old system that sends mail templates to ARIN. Since April 1, all our transactions have been failing if an ORG handle and/or POC handle for the client does not already exist.

Lorraine -

If an ISP wishes to make Shared Whois Project (SWIP) entries for a downstream customer using the Detailed Reassignment or Reallocation methods, then the downstream customer will need to provide the Org ID to whom the SWIP should be made, and that Org ID is required to have at least one validated POC.   This will require that the customer create their own OrgID first, as you can no longer create OrgIDs on behalf of other organizations – this practice changed with the adoption of community-developed policy ARIN-2018-5: Disallow Third-party Organization Record Creation. <https://www.arin.net/vault/policy/proposals/2018_5.html>

Note that if your downstream customer doesn’t require the ability to manage their own reverse DNS or abuse contacts, you may wish to utilize the Simple Reassignment method of SWIPs.


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