[arin-tech-discuss] Restful Question -- Error 403

Gavin Budd gavin at fatbeam.com
Sun Sep 29 00:13:06 EDT 2019


Apologies if this is a repeat, I am unsure if the first message I sent went through...

I am trying to automate some ARIN registrations and am running into an odd error...

When I try to create a new customer record, submitting this data (with actual values) via a python requests.post call, I get an error 403 with the error text as {'componentErrors': [], 'additionalMessages': [], 'code': 'E_UNSPECIFIED', 'message': 'This method for internal ARIN use only.'}.  Any idea on what method they are referring to and how to correct it?  This happens on both the OTE database and the live database.

Thank you!

--Gavin Budd

  "customer xmlns": "http://www.arin.net/regrws/core/v1",
  "customerName": "Name",
  "iso3116-1": {
    "name": "UNITED STATES",
    "code2": "US",
    "code3": "USA",
    "e164": 1
  "handle": "",
  "streetAddress": {
    "line number = \"1\"": "Address",
    "line number = \"2\"": ""
  "city": "City",
  "ISO3166-2": "ST",
  "postalCode": "55555",
  "parentOrgHandle": "ORG-ID"
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