[arin-tech-discuss] OT&E environment not available?

Steve Scally sscally at arin.net
Wed Oct 21 11:37:33 EDT 2015

Hi Marc,

Have you requested access to the OT&E environment through ASK ARIN?



To request access to OT&E, log into your ARIN Online account and use ASK ARIN to request access to the environment using "Other" as the message topic. Once vetted, ARIN will grant OT&E environment access and send additional usage instructions. ARIN encourages all OT&E users to subscribe and participate on the arin-tech-discuss at arin.net mailing list for information sharing and outage information.


The URL for OT&E’s whois is http://whois.ote.arin.net.  HTTPS for OT&E Whois is on the schedule.


This is the main page where you can login, create api keys, etc.


This page will not display any details as its used to accept RESTful calls.

Is the OT&E environment available?


Let me know if you need anything else.

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