[arin-tech-discuss] ARIN OT&E Data refresh

Mark Kosters markk at arin.net
Sat Apr 5 13:43:48 EDT 2014

Hi  Nimesh

We actually refresh the ot&e environment from production on the first monday of the month.  We'll get our site documentation fixed and apologize for the confusion it may have caused.


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Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 10:30 AM
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Subject: [arin-tech-discuss] ARIN OT&E Data refresh

Hi Team,

We are currently testing some of our new functionalities on ARIN OT&E environment. As per some documentation there is scheduled data refresh that happens on first business day of month. Just wanted to check if its going to happen today? If Yes, what is scheduled time for that and what is the total system downtime if any? If No, when will it happen next time?

Nimesh Sugandh
614 726 0424
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