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1) You cannot create both in a single call.  You must first create a POC handle, then create an Org ID.

2) You specify the POC handles in the Create Recipient ORG method's org payload - specifically, the pocLink payload contained within the org payload:


Add one pocLink payload for each POC handle to be associated with the Org ID, making sure you have one and only one admin POC specified and at least one tech and abuse POC specified.

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i am new to ARIN and have couple of questions
1) we have a requirement in my project to create an ORG and POC. can i create both in one call to CreateRecipientORG. if yes, how do i submit POC details in <pocLinks>.
2) if i have to create ORG and POC in separate calls to Create, then how do i associate POC to the existing ORG.
any help in addressing the above questions is greatly appreciated

Warm Wishes,

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