[arin-tech-discuss] Can SWIP / RWS be submitted for "Direct Assignments" ?

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To clarify...

Assignments are issued to end-users under the end-user policies.
Allocations are issued to ISPs/LIRs under the ISP/LIR policies.

That is the reason for the distinction.


On Jun 25, 2013, at 14:35 , Jon Worley <jonw at arin.net> wrote:

> Hello Dani,
> Yes - by design, subdelegations may only be made within direct allocations.  Customers with direct assignments wishing to change their network to a direct allocation to be able to subdelegate their block should contact ARIN directly with their request and rationale for the change.  We'll review and see if we can accommodate their request.
> If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please respond to this message or contact me directly.   
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> From: Dani Roisman <droisman at softlayer.com>
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> Subject: [arin-tech-discuss] Can SWIP / RWS be submitted for "Direct Assignments" ?
> Greetings,
> I have a customer which has an old “Direct Assignment” (pre-ARIN) showing up in ‘whois’ and wants to use part of their address space for their servers on our network.  We’re asking for that to show within the ARIN Whois/RWS database.
> My question is – does ARIN restrict Direct Assignment blocks such that further reallocations/reassignments in the Whois/RWS database cannot be created?
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