[arin-tech-discuss] Question about moving orgHandle1 to orgHandle2

Jon Worley jonw at arin.net
Wed Jul 31 16:45:55 EDT 2013

Hello Sean,

There's no way to globally replace COMP1 with COMP2.

For reassignments/reallocations, you'd just delete each existing record and re-create them with COMP2 specified as the Org ID.

For anything directly registered (direct assignments, direct allocations, and AS numbers), there's no way for you to change the Org ID.  You'd need to contact ARIN directly to request a consolidation, name change, transfer, etc. (whatever process is relevant to the reason you're switching everything from COMP1 to COMP2).

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please respond to this message or contact me directly.


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ARIN Registration Services
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Subject: [arin-tech-discuss] Question about moving orgHandle1 to orgHandle2

                If I have 2 orgHandles, let’s call COMP1, COMP2, and there are some NET-HANDLEs & and POC-HANDLEs under COMP1, and I want to move all these netHandles & pocHanles under COMP1 to under COMP2, how do I do it? Is there only one call method or easy way that I can use under Arin’s RESTful service?
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