[arin-tech-discuss] silent expiration of ARIN RPKI objects

Jay Borkenhagen jayb at braeburn.org
Fri Feb 1 13:34:44 EST 2013

Thank you, but why couldn't a ROA request include an explicit
indication that the party making the request wants it to auto-renew?

Andy Newton writes:
 > Jay,
 > I've put into our issue tracker a request to add a feature that will send
 > an email notification before a ROA expires, and I will bring this to the
 > attention of our project management team.
 > Regarding auto-renewal of ROAs, our system is explicitly designed to
 > prevent ARIN from issuing ROAs without a signed request from the private
 > key holder of the organization. Therefore it is not possible for us to
 > auto-renew a ROA.
 > Thanks for your suggestion and let me know if you have further questions.
 > Andy Newton,
 > Chief Engineer, ARIN
 > On 2/1/13 12:23 PM, "Jay Borkenhagen" <jayb at braeburn.org> wrote:
 > >ARIN,
 > >
 > >A ROA I had recently registered in ARIN's RPKI system silently expired
 > >overnight.
 > >
 > >The fact that it expired is not the problem, since I had set the
 > >expiration date when I submitted it.
 > >
 > >The problem is that it expired silently.
 > >
 > >If ARIN is going to allow RPKI objects to expire, then ARIN should
 > >notify first in advance that an RPKI object is about to expire and
 > >then again when the expiration has occurred.  Or perhaps even better:
 > >ARIN could follow the lead of other RIRs including RIPE and auto-renew
 > >objects in the RPKI.
 > >
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