[arin-tech-discuss] silent expiration of ARIN RPKI objects

Jay Borkenhagen jayb at braeburn.org
Fri Feb 1 12:23:20 EST 2013


A ROA I had recently registered in ARIN's RPKI system silently expired

The fact that it expired is not the problem, since I had set the
expiration date when I submitted it.

The problem is that it expired silently. 

If ARIN is going to allow RPKI objects to expire, then ARIN should
notify first in advance that an RPKI object is about to expire and
then again when the expiration has occurred.  Or perhaps even better:
ARIN could follow the lead of other RIRs including RIPE and auto-renew
objects in the RPKI.

   	     	      		 	   Jay B.

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