[arin-tech-discuss] mapping ip addresses to domains

David Huberman dhuberma at arin.net
Thu Mar 29 17:14:36 EDT 2012

Hiya Karl,

Service providers have the option of registering reassignments either with
or without customer POC information.  In the cases when they choose not to
publish customer POC information (and thus the network is associated with
a customer ID rather than an Org ID), there's not enough data provided to
connect an IP address range with a possibly-associated domain.


David R Huberman
Principal Technical Analyst, ARIN

On 3/29/12 4:21 PM, "Karl Baum" <karl.baum at gmail.com> wrote:

If i have an ip address, many times i can map that ip to email domains by
jumping from ip to org to pocs.  The problem i run into is that many times
the ip is not associated with an org but instead a customer.  For example:


Is there a way to get to the pocs in this case?


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