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On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 06:48:30PM +0000, David Huberman wrote:
> Hello,
> - If you are not a POC on an OrgID, you may not GET or DELETE it with your
> API key. Only an API key associated with an ARIN online account which is
> linked to an authoritative POC for an OrgID may GET or DELETE it.
> - If your ARIN Online account is not linked to a given POC, you may not
> GET or DELETE that POC with your API key.

That makes sense, thanks.

> The ability to create ORGs and POCs on behalf of your customers is a
> carryover from the old "reassign-detailed" and "reallocate" template
> functions. Similar to that older mechanism, ARIN considers the ORGs/POCs
> created to belong the organization/person defined (rather than to you, the
> upstream). 

I am a little confused about this... Is the intent to simply leave stale resources in the DB once a resource is reclaimed? In this case, I created two test POCs and one ORG while validating the code prior to production roll-out. Do these simply go away with the next round of POC/ORG validating e-mails sent by ARIN? Also, to bring up the expected use issue again, is this the way I should be handling detail reassigns and reallocates?

Thanks as always.


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