[arin-tech-discuss] Delete problems with ORG and POC

Aaron Hughes aaronh at bind.com
Mon Sep 12 14:28:34 EDT 2011

We send a DELETE request to this URL:

There is no payload for this transaction; it's just the DELETE that should cause the record to be removed. 

But we get this response:
    [code] => E_AUTHENTICATION
    [message] => The API key is not authorized to make that request.

The same is true for POCs and API key is correct and works for many other things.

So here's a summary:
  Add Customer WORKS
  Get Customer WORKS
  Delete Customer WORKS
  Add Network (Reassign) WORKS
  Get Network WORKS
  Delete Network WORKS
  Add Org WORKS
  Get Org *NO* 
  Delete Org *NO*
  Get POC *NO*
  Delete POC *NO*

The methods for these operations are all parallel, and our code is identical for each.  Yet Get and Delete work for Customers and Networks, but the same operations give the "Invalid API Key" error for Orgs and POCs.  We don't know why.




Aaron Hughes 
aaronh at bind.com
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