[arin-tech-discuss] arin-tech-discuss Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1

David Huberman dhuberma at arin.net
Tue Sep 6 10:29:54 EDT 2011


> Since I got ticket payload instead of org payload.
> How do I now the OrgHandle. Should I search the
> ticket by the ticket# I receive?

Two different answers:

1) When a user makes a call to create a new OrgID via
the method you described in your earlier email, the
request is ticketed and manually reviewed by ARIN staff.
Once we reply in the ticket (with, say, an approval or
a request for more information), that response is
available via a call for the ticket's status.

2) Based on your previous questions to this list, it
seems like you are looking to create OrgIDs for your
customers for the purposes of reassigning IP addresses
to them.  In that scenario, you want to use the Create
Recipient Org service, outlined under the NET methods
and payloads.  The Create Recipient Org service allows
you to create OrgIDs instantly, with the OrgID presented
in the return payload.

Hope that helps!


David R Huberman
ARIN Technical Specialist
(703) 227-9866

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