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Some of you may have noticed that this message comes from last Tuesday. This list is a subscribers-only list which means that you can only post once you subscribe with non-subscriber posts going to the moderator. There is a lot of spam that gets directed  to this list and the moderator (me) culls it out on a daily basis. When I reviewed messages from last week to ensure I got everything correct - to my surprise I saw this one nugget  that I then posted to the list.

If you do have people who want to post questions to this list, please encourage them to subscribe first before submitting their question.


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Subject: Re: [arin-tech-discuss] Question about PUT Service request


We had an issue in our testing environment last week that caused these false error messages. The problem has been corrected.

With regard to the Parent Net Handle, the contents of <parentNetHandle> are the same as that being using in the reassign operation. Or in other words, it is the net handle of the network from which space is being reassigned.

Andy Newton,
Chief Engineer

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Subject: [arin-tech-discuss] Question about PUT Service request

Tried a PUT request with the following payLoad for /reassign operation on ARIN RWS
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<net xmlns='http://www.arin.net/regrws/core/v1'>
<startAddress>*ipv6Start IP*</startAddress>
<endAddress>*ipv6 end IP*</endAddress>
<parentNetHandle>*What is the right value here*</parentNetHandle>
<netName>*MY NET NAME*</netName>
<pocLinkRef>*MY POC HANDLE*</pocLinkRef>

This resulted in : Schema validation error. Can any one please check the above payload and tell me whats wrong with it?

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