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Wes Young wes at ren-isac.net
Tue Sep 21 15:37:21 EDT 2010

Figured this was a good place to start...

i'm debugging an issue (or some "functionality") with libxml2 and perl  
(using the XML::LibXML::Reader interface), where it' seems to be  
stumbling on the series of:


if I insert a linebreak; (</asn>\n<asn>\n) the libxml2 reader function  
rips through it no problem, if there's no line break, it views the  
<asn> as a blank element and then reads the rest of the file as  
garbage data (trying to do this stream like instead of DOM like).

I'm assuming there isn't anything wrong with the way it's outputted  
(guessing most people are just java-nuts and it works like that), but  
i'm curious if anyone has gotten around this issue with libxml2 (or  
alike) by setting some sort of parsing flag, etc.

I've tested it a few times with the first few set of asn elements  
you'll find in the data; and the line break pretty much makes it  
reproducible... jw if anyone has worked around that from the perl  

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