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Thu Jun 16 09:51:29 EDT 2022

One new suggestion was recently submitted to ARIN’s Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP). Find the original suggestion and ARIN's response below: 


ACSP Suggestion 2022.15: Add Ability to Remark a Geofeed URL

Author: Anonymous   

Description: Please add the ability to remark a geofeed URL like other RIR’s allow. A commonly accepted method is to use Regional Internet Registries (RIR) such as AFRINIC, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, or RIPE to share geofeed URLs by adding a remarks attribute with value Geofeed (https://your-url.com/geofeed.csv) when you define an inetnum entry. This way, IP geolocation providers such as Ipregistry can discover new geofeeds when they parse Whois databases periodically. Outlined - https://ipregistry.co/blog/geofeeds 

Value to Community: It would allow for ISPs to update their geolocation details via a geofeed rather than contacting each IP geolocation website. This is offered by other Internet Registry services.

Timeframe: Not specified

Status: Closed

ARIN Comment: Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2022.15 upon confirmed receipt, requesting that ARIN add the ability to include a geofeed URL using inetnum: objects in the Authenticated. This suggestion is similar to suggestion 2021.27 (https://www.arin.net/participate/community/acsp/suggestions/2021/2021-27/).

We investigated the usage of inetnum: objects, prior to the creation of the ARIN authenticated IRR, and found usage of inetnum: was extremely limited, and inclusion of geolocation coordinates was not detected. This factored into our original decision to discontinue support for inetnum: objects when the ARIN authenticated IRR was created. We researched other RIRs, and 3rd party IRR operator databases for inetnum: objects populated with geo coordinates, the count ranged from statistically insignificant to zero. There are several alternatives for publishing this data, including but not limited to, using a remark in an existing route: object and populating it with the link to your Geolocation feed. This mitigates the need to restore support, create and maintain new inetnum: objects.

As there are alternative ways available to publish geolocation data that do not necessitate restoring inetnum: to the ARIN IRR, we are not going to pursue development of this suggestion. Thank you for participating in ARIN’s Consultation and Suggestion Process.



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