[ARIN-Suggestions] Two ACSPs Closed - 2013.29 and 2019.17

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Tue Sep 24 09:47:01 EDT 2019

On 23 September, we closed two ACSPs.

1. ACSP 2013.29: Improve ARIN Online Form Time-out Behavior



Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2013.29 on confirmed receipt,
asking that we extend the time-out behavior for forms in ARIN Online. We
have completed this work when we deployed stateless architecture on 2
March 2019.

Because this work has been completed, we are closing your suggestion.
Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion
Process. We apologize for the delay in notification that this work was


Bug Report: Timed-out ticket forms are not graceful.

To reproduce:

 1. Log into ARIN Online
 2. Track Tickets
 3. Select an open ticket and bring up its details.
 4. Walk away from the browser long enough for the session to time out.
 5. Come back, the ticket is still on the screen and no asynchronous
    notification of the session timeout is presented.
 6. Not realizing that the session has timed out, enter comments for the
    ticket into the text box and press submit.

Expected result: A) The comments are accepted and then I am logged out 
of the ticket system for inactivity, or, B) the comments are buffered 
and I must log into ARIN online again to validate their submission

Actual result: I am dumped back to the logged-out state, all of my text 
is lost, and I have to log in, find the ticket, and retype my comments 
from scratch.

2. ACSP 2019.17: RSA Changes



Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2019.17 upon confirmed receipt.

As we understand it, this suggestion recommends changes to the 
Registrations Services Agreement (RSA) to an obligation regarding 
acceptable routing of IP address blocks.

Given that changes to the RSA are initiated by the ARIN Board of 
Trustees, this suggestion will be provided to the ARIN Board Chair for 
future consideration.

Thank you for your participation in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion 
Process.  This suggestion is now closed.


Description: ARIN should modify its Registration Services Agreement so 
that address holders agree to only announce routing for its own address 
blocks, or those address blocks for which it has obtained permission of 
the registrant as listed in the Internet Number Registry System.

Value to Community: The additional value to the community would be that 
ARIN address holders would be far less likely to hijack routes as it 
would represent a breach of their agreement with ARIN.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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