[ARIN-Suggestions] Updates to IRR related ACSPs

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Thu May 12 15:27:00 EDT 2016

ARIN has three open ACSPs related to the IRR:

2015.3: Tie Route Objects in IRR to Netblocks of RIR Database -
2014.30: Reflect Returns in IRR Data -
2008.14: Construct Validated IRR Data -

Today all three suggestions received the following update:

As a result of the Internet Routing Registry (IRR) Validation
consultation that was completed in April 2015, the ARIN Board approved
ARIN staff to begin development of an improved IRR in 2016 which would
integrate IRR functionality into ARIN Online to allow one application to
be used for the management of both registry and routing data. After
additional community discussion about possible IRR alternatives, ARIN's
President and CEO directed that all IRR open suggestions be referred to
the newly formed ARIN Services Working Group (SWG) so that an ARIN IRR
Roadmap may be developed which provides overall direction on how ARIN's
IRR services should evolve.


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American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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