[ARIN-Suggestions] Two new ACSP Suggestions

ARIN info at arin.net
Fri Feb 5 08:47:25 EST 2016

We have received two new ACSP suggestions and are preparing responses to 
the submitters.

2016.01: Prohibit sale of IP Addresses and ASNs [NEW]

Description: Make the sale or purchase of ipv4/ipv6/as numbers illegal.

Value to Community: People who are offering the sale or rent of ips are 
already in violation of arins policy. If they are unable to use these 
ips they should be returned to arin IP pool for others to be able to 
use. It is unfair to allow the direct sale of any IP block larger then 
/24. I believe this will free up a large amount of unused IP blocks and 
providing the freedom for others to connect and share the internet as 

2016.02: Minor UI improvements to ARIN Online [NEW]


Description: Minor UI improvements to AOL functionality...

ARIN should review AOL for usability tweaks. There are several examples 
of low-hanging fruit such as: When one clicks the "Enter Tab" in POC 
management, it should focus the entry field rather than requiring the 
user to make an additional click in the field after the page reloads 
before they can start typing.

Value to Community: These minor improvements to repetitive steps will 
make the AOL interface more efficient and reduce user frustration.
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